Funding Panel’s Misused

The Purpose of Funding Panels

Since the Care Act came into force there have been concerns pertaining to its implementation at local government level. Funding panels usually entail a panel of adult care manager’s or sometimes just 2 managers who have to make decision about the needs identified in a social workers assessment alongside a support plan detailing how the identified needs should be met in line with the personalised wishes of the service user. Some local authorities are not using funding panels in line with Care Act guidelines and despite this being in contravention  of the Care Act as highlighted in this community care article 

The unfortunate reality is that once again local authorities have been left in an untenable position with the expectation of implementing a wonderful pice of legislation without the level of funding required to make it a true and beneficial reality for the the vulnerable clients who need it the most. Just as with personalisation agenda; while the rhetoric is commendable the reality is often a very different picture without the required funding alongside it. Thus local authorities are deemed to be acting unlawfully when the reality is they have no choice but to ration the scarce resources they have available to the inevitable detriment of vulnerable adults because not to do so would be financial suicide. Social services departments continue to struggle to do the best they can, pushed to breaking point under the immense pressures that continue to fuel the social care crisis. Meanwhile the quality of service delivery continues to be compromised and continues to impact upon vulnerable clients,  while those who have the resources have the option to shop elsewhere for an effective quality service and  the assistance they require on their care journey; just as is prevalent with the choice of private healthcare.