24 Hour Care Provision

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Project Description

When residential care presents as the best option for your long-term care, we are at hand to offer support and assistance in identifying the most appropriate placement to meet your personalised needs. In addition to the location and weekly cost of your chosen home, there are a variety of significant factors that should also impinge upon your final decision. Above all we are able to ensure that the transition into a care home is undertaken appropriately to meet your needs; while alleviating your stress and anxieties. Epiphany can provide reassurance from the outset via our comprehensive assessment, as to whether your needs will meet the social services eligibility criteria for a placement. We clearly distinguish and evidence whether your needs merit a residential or nursing care placement. Both these factors are fundamental should your funds deplete at any point, particularly where clients intend to approach social services for funding. Upon approaching your local authority, should your needs fail to meet the eligibility criteria for a residential or nursing placement, social services will have no statutory obligation to provide funding for your needs. It is therefore always advisable to seek clarity on client needs prior to embarking upon any care home search.

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