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Supporting & Enabling Clients to Achieve Positive Outcomes

Elderly Clients

We have vast experience with this client group and fully understand the needs and demands that evolve with old age. We are particularly sensitive to the management of loss of independence which is always a difficult phrase within the lifecycle and actively work with our clients to retain and enhance their sense of confidence and well being, via ongoing reassurance and supporting and enabling clients to do as much as they possibly can for themselves, for as long as is feasible and in accordance with their personalised wishes.

Physical Disabilities

Being or becoming physically disabled and the challenges it brings, can be difficult to navigate due to the complex adult care arena. At Epiphany we take a robust approach towards anti -discrimination and are staunch advocates for ensuring the best interests of our disabled clients. We strongly believe in supporting and enabling our clients to maximise their full potential and actively work in partnership to support and enable our clients to achieve their ultimate goals, in line with their own personalised wishes and preferences.

Dementia / Alzheimers

Dementia is the broad term used to describe a number of different conditions affecting the brain, including Alzheimer’s disease. At Epiphany we understand the very personal nature of dementia for each individual. We understand the importance of providing the right support not only for clients at different stages in their dementia journey, but also for their families in coming to terms with the ramifications of dementia and determining how best to  understand, manage and ensure dignity in care, respect and quality of life.

Learning Disabilities

At Epiphany we are passionate about supporting and enabling clients to maximise their potential and live fulfilling lives that are reflective of achieving the very best quality of life possible. We have a particular interest in young adults transitioning into adult life as we believe we can make a positive contribution to building and sustaining confidence and resilinece to manage the challenges of daily living.  We also recognise the needs of parents in their capacity as main carers and work in partnership to provide care solutions.


Social Services Funded Care

For clients eligible for funding from their local authority, a personal budget via direct payments, provides choice and flexibility and are commonly provided, however the hourly rate is not always guaranteed to meet the full hourly cost of a carer. The direct payment funds are usually [...]


Family, Main Carers & Friends

We understand the challenges encountered by families, friends and main carers, trying to provide much needed care and support to a loved one and vulnerable adult. We have invaluable insight into the ongoing stresses of providing ongoing consistent support, due to the conflicting demands of everyday [...]


Self Funding Clients

Client’s with savings exceeding the funding eligibility threshold are liable for the full costs of any care provided by social services. However, this does not automatically equate to having any involvement or say pertaining to the care providers identified, to deliver your care. Self -funders are nevertheless liable for [...]