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Project Description

With local authority budgets being squeezed year after year; the need to relinquish some elements of service provision  unfortunately becomes inevitable. Epiphany are able to assist in some of these areas to alleviate the pressure on local authorities and provide an ideal solution. With social workers being overwhelmed with their volume of work and complex case management; some cases can prove to be extremely challenging, not due to the required skill for social work intervention but rather a range of  time consuming tasks that require essential attention and action. Epiphany are able to assist in such areas in an expedient and cost effective manner.

This can also be particularly prevalent where the identified need would ordinarily fall outside the remit for social services funding; irrespective of whether the client is a self-funder or not. We can undertake essential tasks, provide support and advocacy and  are able to  keep social services fully briefed and updated upon completion of specified tasks.

  • Undertaking review projects to ensure annual compliance.

  • Undertaking urgent unscheduled reviews and or Care Act Assessments.

  • Service users with no family support network to ensure their welfare

  • Need to downsize/ relocate home or move into residential / nursing placement

  • Household maintenance to ensure a safe and secure home environment.

  • Dealing with hoarders where the home is no longer fit for purpose.

  • Clients unable to deal with their day to day affairs such as bill payments and basic shopping.

  • Facilitating continuing health care checklists & DST assessments

  • Implementing acclaimed Montessori for Aged & Dementia principles in care & home environments.

  • Joining the Epiphany Club to socialise and engage with others

  • Managing complex time consuming  case scenario’s

  • Cultivating positivity, happiness and psychological well-being

  • Teaching IT skills to facilitate bill management

  • Setting up and teaching clients how to use  social media to engage with others

Facilitating Cost Effective Solutions

Facilitating Everyday Tasks

Supporting & Enabling Access into Communities

Hoarding & Complex Case Scenario’s