Home Environment Review

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Project Description

Determining the most appropriate housing option for a vulnerable adult is imperative so as to maintain health, safety and well-being. Whether you wish to remain in your own home or explore alternative options we can enlighten you as to what is available within your chosen geographical area. From warden assisted retirement accommodation to extra care supported housing or a care home placement. We ensure our clients have the full scope of available options in accordance with specified needs for elderly, physically disabled and clients with learning disabilities. By diligently evaluating client needs, we are able to provide advice as to what presents as the most appropriate options be it on a long or short -term basis.

Facilitating A Safe & Secure Home Environment

Health & Safety

Aids & Adaptations

Losing Independence

A common trait as clients become less physically able is the accumulation of clutter, simply due to no longer being sufficiently agile to ensure belongings are returned to the right place. Difficulties preventing clients from reaching up to wall units or bending down to base units, immediately results in items accumulating on worktops in the kitchen with similar incidents in bedrooms, bathrooms and throughout one’s home.  This then soon becomes hazardous and creates unnecessary risks within the home.

Technological Solutions

Tele care is fast becoming an ingenious solution to support vulnerable adults at home. The use of advancing technology can play a significant role in ensuring health, safety and well-being. We can assist you in identifying the best technological devices to maintain your welfare.We can support and enable you with making your home a safe and secure environment. Epiphany can facilitate and undertake required tasks, or act on your instructions and project manage to ensure high standards on your behalf.