Housekeeping & Spring Cleaning

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Project Description

Invaluable Support With Activities of Daily Living

Sustaining a Clean & Safe Home

Cultivating a clean and healthy home environment to maximise well-being.

Supporting The Best Quality of Life Possible

Facilitating exciting opportunities to enhance and maintain overall quality of life.

Safeguarding Client's Welfare & Well-Being

An invaluable presence to ensure the welfare & well-being of our vulnerable clients.

The Housekeeper Role

A Reassuring Prescence

An Epiphany housekeeper is able to maintain the cleanliness of your home and thus a healthy living environment; alongside undertaking household chores such as laundry and ironing, shopping or facilitating online shopping. The presence of a housekeeper also facilitates an element of companionship, providing a listening ear for client concerns. The Epiphany housekeeper’s role is not just to undertake tasks but to remain proactive, vigilant and actively ensure your overall welfare in keeping with our holistic approach. With the consent of our clients; any identified concerns would be appropriately shared with family or relevant professionals, while always acting in the client’s best interests.

Spring Cleaning Service

Ensuring a Safe and Secure Home

Maintaining a clean home environment when clients lack the physical capability to undertake the required tasks, is particularly challenging. From the most basic of tasks such as reaching into wall units or using a hoover, impaired physical capabilities make these seemingly simple tasks an impossibility. Several months later a previously pristine home environment can quickly assume a slovenly appearance, while also creating risk hazards. Spring Cleans are dedicated to ensuring home environments remain clean and healthy while minimising the potential of risks. From organising clutter to defrosting freezers and changing lightbulbs, we undertake the tasks that ensure and maximise client safety.