Property Maintenance and Management

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Project Description

Historically it has been accepted that the need for 24 hour care automatically equated to clients having to sell their home to fund a residential or nursing placement. However, the current housing crisis places clients who are property owners, in a favorable position and presents the ideal option of generating rental income from your home towards funding your care placement. We have housing experts who can undertake the property management of your home and facilitate appropriate clients to let your property. In addition to providing outstanding property management, Epiphany can also assist with the day to day and ongoing maintenance of properties to maintain your asset in pristine condition. We are particularly sensitive to the needs of vulnerable adults struggling to manage and maintain their home environments and able to assist clients so as to enhance overall quality of life. Be it property management and letting or household maintenance we are able to support and enable our clients and act on your behalf.

Property Repairs & Renovations

Letting & Managing your Property

Innovative Solutions

Simplistic Solutions

A Simplistic Solution to household maintenance that enables us to source and facilitate the best contractors to undertake the required works, while ensuring a reasonable price that is value for money and cost effective.

Alleviating Stress

Alleviating the Stress of how or what to do, so as to maintain a safe home environment. Our intervention eliminates the prospect of undertaking a daunting task alone as we always act in the very best interests of our clients.

Reassuring Clients

Our intervention provides the reassurance that clients are in good hands, as our ongoing agenda is to safeguard and ensure the best outcomes in maintaining a safe home environment in which to thrive and live to the fullest.

Peace of Mind

Epiphany provides peace of mind that the needs and best interests of our clients are paramount. With client consent we are happy to keep  any pertinent individuals or professionals fully updated of our involvement.