The Perfect Solution

The Perfect Solution 2018-06-02T13:42:06+00:00

Our services provide the perfect solution for those considered to be self -funders and therefore liable to pay the full cost of their care as well as client’s  entitled to social care. This is applicable to those with   savings in excess of the funding threshold of £23,250. Epiphany can provide support at precisely the point of need, without having to put your lives on hold or manage a crisis scenario while you are placed on an indefinite waiting list. We can assess, clearly identify your needs and source suitable cost effective, quality care providers. Working in partnership with you, we ensure your choices are optimised and that you remain in control; every step of the way to customising your person- centered support plan.


Those already in receipt of support from social services, can also greatly benefit from our intervention. With our zest     for creative support planning; we are able to enhance and assist with the overall management of current personal budgets, inclusive of direct payments. We are able to provide access to pertinent advice and information to facilitate effective support planning and advocacy to ensure your voice is heard pertaining to your care provision, well-being and quality of life.


Our services are customised to meet the personalised unique needs of each individual; with an underlying philosophy of enhancing overall well-being, achieving positive outcomes and the best quality of life possible. We work in partnership with you or take the lead on your behalf; to facilitate the care and support you need in accordance with your individualised personal preferences.