Our Staff

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High Quality Staff Working In Partnership With Clients to Achieve Positive Outcomes

The Epiphany Personal Assistant Role

Providing Quality Care Without Compromise

We recognise that the role of our staff is paramount as they play a fundamental role in ensuring the overall welfare of vulnerable adults. We consider our staff to be more than just carers and therefore call them Epiphany Personal Assistants which we believe adds value to the important job they do. An Epiphany PA in addition to providing personal care; is also dedicated to ensuring the overall well-being of our clients and are able to assist with all aspects of daily living, household maintenance and accompanying clients into the community or for appointments. Our workforce is extremely important to us and staff are carefully selected to become an Epiphany Personal Assistant, only after they have passed our rigorous interviewing and vetting procedures.

Happy Carers Ensure Happy Clients & Families

Enhancing Psychological & Emotional Well-Being

Our staff are the public face of our care agency and we strive  to ensure that we are represented by staff who truly believe in and are dedicated to our ethos. At Epiphany happiness is important to us and we actively support Action for Happiness. We fully understand the psychological and emotional benefits of maintaining a happy disposition and believe this is fundamental for the clients we care for. Loss of independence due to disability or old age can be both difficult and challenging, while the associated stress and anxieties of a long-standing disability or loss of independence can invariably impact on mental health well-being, for clients as well as for their families. At Epiphany we are therefore actively dedicated to promoting happiness and cultivating self worth and positivity.