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Innovative Care Solutions Providing Reassuring Care Journey’s

Home Care Services

Provided By Our Epiphany Personal Assistants

Epiphany Personal Assistant

Epiphany Personal Assistants are carefully selected to implement our holistic approach and dedicated to facilitating the very best quality of life possible.

Live In Care

Ensuring Health, Safety and Well-Being

24 Hour Care and Support

Providing 24 hour care and support enables our most vulnerable clients to remain in the comfort of their own home with the reassurance of exemplary care within a familiar environment

Stimulating Activities

Opportunities to Socialise and Engage

Customised activity sessions

Personalised one to one activity sessions at home for housebound and dementia clients or the opportunity to participate in activities via The Epiphany Club

Personal Care 

  • Maintaining personal hygiene

  • Dental Hygiene

  • Dressing & Grooming

  • Incontinence Care

  • Welfare check visits

  • Companionship / Sitting Service

  • Sitting Service

  • Respite at Home

  • Live in Care

  • Specialist Care Provision eg Dementia, Parkinson’s, Learning Disabilities


  • Accompanied Hospital Appointment Service

  • Hospital Discharge Service

  • Prompting or Administering Medication

  • Repeat Prescription collection and Management

  • Facilitated and accompanied GP Medical Appointments

  • End of life care.

  • Facilitate live in care or source respite following hospital discharge

  • Facilitate essential mobile services such as dentistry and  opthamology

  • Facilitate necessary services to ensure health and welfare: Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapist, Chiropody, Medication Review

Activities of Daily Living 

  • Menu planning Meal Preparation Monitor nutritional intake

  • Declutter and maintain orderly environment.

  • Laundry, ironing  and facilitate dry cleaning

  • Facilitate gardening & prevent overgrowth in garden and paved areas

  • Housekeeper to manage and maintain your home environment

  • Supporting & enabling clients to maitain independence

  • Customised one to one activities

  • Hosting home based social visits

  • Interactive sitting service

  • Accompanied excursions into community

Technological Support 

  • Set up online bill payment

  • Teach & Facilitate Online Shopping for Food, Clothing, Gifts

  • Learn how to video call via Skype, Vyber, FaceTime

  • Learn how to maximise use of mobile phone

  • Set up and learn to use lap top or tablet

  • Set up and learn to use voice technology software such as Alexa and Siri

  • Set up and learn how to use Facebook

  • Set up to join Epiphany Club to socialise and share news and information

  • Support with day to day management of technology

Accompanied Visits into Community or on Holiday 

  • Shopping expeditions for  food, clothing or gifts

  • Attend or engage in sports events and activities

  • Coffee mornings or pub lunches

  • Special occasions

  • Places of worship

  • Trips to cinema or theatre

  • Holiday in UK or abroad

  • Organised Activity sessions: singing / arts and crafts

  • Wish List: London Eye, Tea at the Ritz, Trip to Vatican

  • One to One sessions or via Epiphany Club

The Care Process

  • Consent: The first step is acquiring consent of the vulnerable adult who will be the recipient of our care. Where the client has been assessed as lacking in capacity then their next of kin or designated individual for their Enduring/ Power of Attorney, signs on their behalf. In addition to consent for our intervention and the delivery of care, we also request consent to liaise and share information with professionals who are or may  become involved in your overall care, such as your GP, District Nurses, Social Worker.

  • Assessment: The second step in our care process is a holistic assessment of your needs to confirm that we can meet your individual care needs. We utilise our own unique assessment to ensure we capture all your needs as well as health and safety in regards to your home environment. Our holistic approach is conducive to ensuring the right level of care is delivered to you within a safe and secure home environment.

  • Personalised Support Plan: The third step is clearly detailing how you want your care delivered within a support plan. Our support plans recognise that our clients are individuals in their own right and have personal preferences pertaining to the time of your calls and how you wish your care to be delivered. We support and enable our clients to remain in full control of their care and encourage regular dialogue to ensure we capture changing needs and preferences.

  • Identifying the Right Carer: Once your care needs are established the third step is matching you with the right carer. We handpick a selection of suitable carers for you to select from, in line with your needs, interests and geographical location. Once you select, meet and confirm you wish  to proceed with your chosen carer, a start date is agreed and contract signed by both parties.

  • Epiphany Club: All our clients have the opportunity and are encouraged to join The Epiphany Club which is managed by our sister company Epiphany Adult Care Consultancy. Our unique and innovative social club specifically aims to alleviate loneliness and alienation. We encourage clients to socialise and engage with others and facilitate suitable opportunities in line with the personal preferences of our clients. We believe life is for living and should not be hindered by old age or any form of disability because anything is possible.

  • Ongoing Reviews: Upon the commencement of your care provision, our care journey begins! and as part of our ongoing commitment to provide the best care possible and continually evolve to do better, we keep you actively involved as we value your views and opinions. Our reviews ensure that we can monitor and ensure service delivery is retained at its very best and that our clients retain full control of their care and are happy and contented with service delivery.